Controls: mouse and prompts onscreen.

This is my first 'real' game - the first one I tried really really hard to get right, and spent the longest time on in p5js. I got to spend 3 weeks on it rather than two. It's bigger, longer, and more thought out than my previous games. I'm probably the proudest of it, even though from feedback I know I didn't communicate all of my thoughts on it particularly well. This is a game about choices, and while it's not stated in the game, you should consider each decision thoroughly. A life could depend on it. It was the fifth and final project in a series of 5 'games' created for my semester one, year one studies at RMIT university.  Unfortunately, this game can only be played in the browser and with a computer. Please don't download it and modify the files, or post as your own. Thank you and I hope you enjoy!

This game is 'finished' but in the future I may add some bug fixes to it.

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