Click and drag these sliders to manage your population and keep your people from dying out! Beware the natural disasters that occur every few seconds! This is part of an ongoing university project where I make one game a week, totaling 10 projects at the end. Some may be collaborations, but I'll try and have everything uploaded to this spot. This is the first game out of 10! The theme was '10 seconds or less'. You can keep up with mine and others' projects on the #gameaweek2018 hashtag on twitter.  I'm very excited to be participating in this project, huge thanks to everyone involved!

The project may take some time to load initially,  please be patient with it. If it's really not loading, try refreshing the page.  :) Hope you enjoy!

None of the sound effects/files included in the project are mine, they were all taken from the links listed below and in most cases edited to shorten/lengthen them to suit the project. All other assets in the project (visuals, code) are mine. 
Wave sound effects
Rain sound effects
Fire sound effects
Ice sound effects
Wind sound effects
Blaster sound effects
Alarm sound effect
Background sound effect

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