Mild trigger warning - themes of implied suicide - see note at the bottom.

Hi all! This was my eighth project for my Game a Week course! This was a ton of fun to make despite the apparent problems it has - the clicker game may have issues if you're using a mouse. This is a twine thing unfortunately that I can't find a fix for. This weeks' theme was bait and switch - setting up a plot twist. I've inserted an artist's intent statement at the bottom of this description but be aware they contain spoilers for the 'switch'. This project may receive updates or even a facelift in the future if I figure out how to restore the clicker part to working order or I figure out a neater way of revealing the twist ending, without the darker implications of suicide. 

HI! So this game - like a lot of my games - is pretty personal! If you've played it already you're probably wondering wtf it's about. The ending, where the player character literally flies away, is NOT an allegory for suicide. I take this kind of thing extremely seriously, and if you are affected by this I urge you to reach out. Here is the lifeline number for Australia. 

13 11 14 - Lifeline Australia - 24/7.

I'm aware that the ending reads like this, however. This is partially a part of the bait and switch, but also I couldn't think of a better way to reveal you are part bird. If I had huge bird wings (I wish I did!) I'd live in a tall apartment building and fly around the top of it as much as I can. There's something so satisfying about swan diving into a pool, and the idea of doing it and having huge wings catch you, to glide over pedestrians far below - a dream! So you're probably kinda curious about why I made this game - I have had this character in my head for a long time, a person who is normal aside from their huge bird wings. They work at a tech company in a boring job where they are unable to stretch their wings. They get caught up in their day to day work life and forget to nourish the bird part of themselves. So that's what this game is about - experimenting with this character, playing with the 'reveal' part of bait and switch and also an attempt at making a clicker game. I may have overscoped this week. Haha. Regardless, I hope you enjoy.


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Oh wow, I thought this took a morbid turn, but reading the statement and considering the ending I get where you were coming from. I think the use of Twine to do a clicker-style game has a lot of potential and conveys the drudgery of work well, although I admit it took so long I did leave it automated on a tab (maybe just like a real worker!). Good work on this one!