*VOLUME WARNING*  The music is pretty loud. Click to play.

This is a little game I made where you must destroy the incoming projectiles to save the chubby space man on his way home! It was the third in a series of 5 'games' created for my semester one, year one studies at RMIT university.  Unfortunately, this game can only be played in the browser and with a computer. Please don't download it and modify the files, or post as your own. Thank you and I hope you enjoy!

I may come back to this in the future and add small visual tweaks, some pacing and difficulty tweaks, and possibly (if like more than 5 people are interested) a whole new game mode (endless). 

Also, there's a very brief cameo from some popular cartoon characters in this. I claim no ownership of them.

AuthorMagic Magpie Games
GenreAction, Shooter
TagsAliens, clicker
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilitySubtitles, One button

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