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Here is my humble play of your fantastic art piece. Thank you for sharing this 'game' with the world! (Game is a small world for a beautiful experience like this).

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This is beautiful. I love the narration part of it. Excellent background. I wish you would do more myths like this. I love the Medusa/Atlantis angle. (I am a Mythology-junky) May I shoecase this on my Youtube Channel?

thank you for the complement! feel free to showcase it on youtube if you’d like, thanks for playing! 

Thank YOU! I am going to showcase this wonderful experience during the week and will give you a link to the video as well. The world must see this! It is more than just art, it is an experience. I can't stop ranting about this!

Sorry—but is there any gameplay or is it only an environment you modeled? It looks great! Just wondering if I'm missing the activity part....

Hi! This is purely an explorable environment. The only interactions are the clickable books. Sorry for any misunderstanding! Hope you enjoyed what you saw :)